Flexenergy extends district heating range


06 February 2020
The new FibreFlex Pro pipes from Flexenergy The new FibreFlex Pro pipes from Flexenergy

Flexenergy has widened its range of pre-insulated flexible pipe systems to meet the requirements of higher temperature and higher pressure community heating schemes.

The company has added PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe to its PB (polybutylene) range to meet growing demand for non-corrosive solutions in the district heating market.

Three new pipe products are available: HeatFlex, FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro, all of which have a minimum service life of 30 years. HeatFlex is suitable for most applications up to 95oC and 6 bar, while FibreFlex and FibreFlex Pro are designed for higher temperature and pressure environments. FibreFlex operates up to 95oC and 10 bar, with FibreFlex Pro designed for applications of up to 115oC and 10 bar. 

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All are insulated using CFC-free bonded polyurethane (PUR) foam, which provides outstanding thermal properties and helps optimise energy efficiency in heating and cooling networks.

Flexenergy Sales Director Sandy Fairley said: “The new PEX range extends our offer to the market at a time of growing interest and investment in community heating as the UK looks towards lower carbon heating solutions. We can now provide advanced pre-insulated pipe technology to suit almost every type of district heating scheme, enabling designers, operators and scheme owners to specify a cost effective, high performing and non-corrosive alternative to steel pipe, with the potential to reduce the total cost of ownership.”