Fifth-generation control from LG


26 November 2018
LG central controller controls air conditioning
LG has launched its fifth-generation central controller, the ACP 5, and says it offers a number of upgrades that respond to user feedback.

Sean Yeats, LG’s UK & Ireland technical manager in the air conditioning and energy solutions business, said: "LG is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions that prioritise consumer needs. With unparalleled features enabling sophisticated control and greater compatibility, the ACP 5 delivers the convenience and integration our customers demand. Importantly, achieving operational efficiency is made simpler thanks to a user-friendly interface with easy to monitor energy consumption information.”
Smart management system
A key component of the ACP 5 is its intuitive control setup. Rather than having to be on-site to operate the system, users can control it remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Compatible with HTML5, the user interface (UI) is optimised for a range of devices.

Users can monitor and control a variety of functions via the intuitive UI, including operating status, energy usage trends and environmental conditions. As users can visually identify a unit that is working sub-optimally, they can easily adjust energy consumption to minimise inefficiency and lower running costs.

The ACP 5’s integrated control is said to allow for easier management of up to 256 indoor units and other equipment spread out over an extensive area. In addition to the integrated control of multiple units on an individual basis, it’s possible to control units as a group. Users can create multi-level grouping comprised of several zones, floors and buildings. They can also assign custom control groups for high traffic areas such as board rooms. Furthermore, by recording operational/usage trends, the ACP 5 enables users to quickly view and assess the performance of each unit.

Expanded compatibility 
Increased compatibility claims to offer more efficient control and integration with a diverse range of HVAC products. As the Building Management System (BMS) system is embedded in the ACP 5, there is no need for an additional BMS gateway to enable communication with the BMS protocol, BACnet IP and Modbus TCP. With the combined capabilities of the ACP 5 with built-in BMS, users will experience more efficient management than ever before.

To expand the range of available control options from previous models, LG has enhanced the interlock function on its new solution. The ACP 5 can handle multiple complex tasks, conducting them in a designated sequence. It offers a ‘holding time’ post input of up to 60 minutes. For instance, the user can set up pre-determined actions for specific occurrences, such as ceasing operation if an alarm indicating refrigerant leakage sounds continuously for three minutes. In addition, the user can control the settings to delay each output by up to 60 minutes. LG has also bolstered network accessibility for the ACP 5 by offering support for the most recent version of Internet Protocol, IPv6.

Efficient energy management
Thanks to the smart energy navigation function, users can effortlessly adjust energy consumption to reduce costs and save power. By analysing past usage, the solution can help predict energy demand. In addition, accurate simulation software helps to prevent the system from exceeding consumption targets in the future.
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