Fernox announces drive to more sustainable packaging


22 March 2023


Fernox has confirmed its market-leading water treatment products will now be packed in 265ml and 500ml bottles manufactured from 30% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is an important milestone for the company, which has long been committed to product innovation and energy efficiency of heating systems. To expand on these innovations, it is now also focusing on the environmental impact of product packaging.

“Although the Fernox bottles will look and perform like our existing ones, the adoption of 30% recycled content will lower our overall use of virgin plastics,” explained Greg Banham, Sales Director from Fernox. “However, there is always more to do. Sustainability is a work in progress, and we are continuously looking to improve our efforts in supply chain, logistics and overall environmental impact.” 

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For nearly 60 years, Fernox has led the market with best-in-class non-hazardous chemical water treatments. Its in-house R&D capability has developed high-performance products which are ahead of legislative change while also considering environmentally responsible product ranges. Combined with Fernox TF1 precision engineered filters, Fernox water treatment is designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in both domestic and commercial heating systems. 

For further information about Fernox and its products visit www.fernox.com