'Fantastic addition to any engineer's tool kit'


15 February 2017
digital gauge sensor
The VG64 digital high vacuum gauge
Dave Kingston, Javac UK Sales and Technical Manager, introduces the VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge (series 2).

​​Javac supply the all-new VG64 digital high vacuum gauge. The VG64 series 2 comes with a lifetime sensor and two-year warranty, so the engineer can rely on this instrument with confidence.

With any electronic sensor-based gauge there is always risk of contamination, but even if it is soaked with oil and other contaminants, the accuracy of the VG64 may only drop by 5% at the most. If the sensor requires cleaning, the unit will display “SERR” and in this case simply cap one end of the tee piece and fill the other with alcohol. Soaking overnight is certainly an advantage and should return it to new condition. 

When connecting to a system, the best results are achieved by attaching to a port furthest away from the vacuum pump. The highest concentration of molecules under vacuum must always be found the furthest away from the pump and the more molecules, the higher the pressure. If it is necessary to connect using refrigeration hoses then allowances must be made for out gassing, as hoses are naturally subject to contamination.

The gauge resolution increases the deeper the vacuum, but as with all electronic gauges they don’t come on scale until 80% pump down has been achieved. In the case of the VG64 this is 19 mbar and depending on temperature this is where dehydration starts to take place.

As well as the standard hanger the VG64 has the all-new HVAC magnetic strap which attaches to all ferrous surfaces. In the manifold gauge hanger style, it is a fantastic addition to any engineer’s tool kit.  
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