EnviroVent launches system control app


14 March 2017
Ventilation manufacturer EnviroVent is launching an app for iOS and Android offering control and flexibility for a home’s ventilation by connecting to the next generation of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) systems.

The first unit to be compatible with the myenvirovent app is the energiSava 200, a compact mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit delivering up to 90% thermal efficiency.
The app allows the installer to set up the ventilation rates, allowing the end user to access certain settings on the unit from anywhere in the home.  It allows multiple user access from both Apple and Android devices and provides instant access to the unit's current status.  Homeowners can access user guides, technical documents and provide feedback and future product requests to the EnviroVent R&D centre.

Installation of the unit is made simpler with the use of the intelligent commissioning feature, which saves time for the installer on-site. They can connect directly to the unit through the app without the need for a wireless internet connection. This allows them to access the dedicated installer mode to commission the airflow rates and select additional options in the unit’s ventilation settings page.

Rory Percival, R&D and Technical Manager at EnviroVent, said:  “We’re really excited to be one of the first ventilation manufacturers to be able to offer app control for an MVHR system. This has enormous benefits for the homeowner and is a great added value incentive for housebuilders.  It is also a significant development for installers, speeding up the installation process and making the setup and commissioning of a unit far simpler and more efficient.”

Other practical benefits for the homeowner include notifications when filter changes are due and a secure connection from the unit to the app through the homeowner's router. The myenvirovent application also gives the user access to EnviroVent’s technical support team.  

EnviroVent’s energiSava® 200 enables housebuilders to meet System 4 of Building Regulations Part F requirements. The unit features a compact, lightweight design and can be fitted on the wall, floor or ceiling.

The energiSava 200 incorporates Intellitrac Technology, which is a unique humidity tracking control providing year-round healthy indoor air quality. No user intervention is required, as the intelligent automatic controls constantly monitor the humidity level. This allows the system to sense any rise in humidity and increase the unit’s airflow rate in direct correlation to the humidity level, which quietly and efficiently controls moisture. The increase in the airflow rate helps to reduce the humidity levels within the property and once the humidity levels start to drop the airflow rate decreases, saving energy.

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