Enhanced VRF from Clivet


06 October 2021

Italian air conditioning manufacturer Clivet has launched its Enhanced VRF System, which is says evolves central plant design for improved life-cycle savings in commercial buildings.

The modular design is said to be suited to shopping centres, offices, hotels and restaurants, entertainment venues and hospitals.

The Enhanced VRF System consists of 4 key components:

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  • Outdoor units with EVI (enhanced vapour injection) compressor technology, available both in heat pump or heat recovery version, operating range from -25°C in heating mode and from -15°C to 52°C in cooling mode, with high heating capacity at low ambient temperature. In addition to the current line-up, a new series of R32 Mini VRF outdoor units will be introduced to minimise environmental impact.
  • Completely redesigned indoor units featuring functions such as 7 fan speeds and available in a range of models and sizes from 1.7 kW to 56 kW for the maximum application flexibility.
  • Control systems with a wide range of commands to manage different zones locally or remotely depending on the specific needs. 
  • Mechanical ventilation units, fully integrated in the range of control systems to allow a healthy environment, using different technologies to meet different building requirements.