Designer cooling from Fujitsu


07 July 2020
Fujitsu's R32 ceiling mounted split system claimed a Red Dot Award

Fujitsu has further expanded its R32 product range with the release of a Red Dot Award-winning ceiling mounted split system, along with a new Designer wall mounted unit for the EU market.

Described by Red Dot as being an “air conditioner that excels with a consistent design and small footprint that adapts skillfully and flexibly to different environments’’, the new ceiling mounted unit covers a range of 5.2-13.4kW cooling capacity across eight models and is available in both an economic and a standard range. The standard range offers longer pipe lengths and a wider operating envelope to an ambient of -15°C cooling.

Designer Series wall mounted units

Martyn Ives, Technical Manager at Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK, said: “More versatile than its predecessor with up to a 270mm reduction in width, 30% in weight and a 10% reduction in noise, this new edition has both installation and specification requirements at the forefront of its design.

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“Connectable to Fujitsu's range of wired, infrared, Wi-Fi and BMS control options, its benefit in controlling local environmental conditions are furthered with the ability to introduce fresh air directly into the unit, through a purpose made adaptation to the chassis. This introduction dilutes potential contaminants within the room and, along with use of Fujitsu's digital input and output PCB, direct control over a secondary fresh air supply fan or damper can be maintained in tandem with the air conditioning system.”

Frost protection
Available in both pearl white and dark grey/silver metallic variations, the new Designer Series wall mounted split system consists of four models and spans a cooling capacity of 2 to 4.2 kW.  With a woven textured front panel, this design has been specifically modelled for the European market.

Certified energy ratings of A++ cooling and A+ heating are achieved by an increased diameter cross flow fan and a Lamda heat exchanger, combining both standard and reduced pipe diameters to maintain optimal heat exchange throughout.

Phil Deverick, Commercial Manager, Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK, said: “Compatible with Wi-Fi interfaces, this Designer model benefits from a frost protection heating mode that can maintain a room temperature as low as 10°C. This added feature makes an ideal application into holiday homes or commercial premises where frost protection by energy efficient means is required.”