Design a VRF System in 80% Less Time with New LG Software


09 December 2015
​The LG Electronics team in the USA has launched a new version of its design software, LATS CAD 2, which it claims can reduce the time taken to lay out a VRF system by up to 80%.

​LG's new software works with well-known computer aided design software, AUtoCAD, making it easy for engineers to design commercial LG VRF, multi and single split systems.

​The primary benefit of the LATS CAD 2 software is that it cuts out the mistakes often experienced when using incompatible design applications. This makes designing LG air conditioning systems easier, quicker and more accurate.
​LG's U.S. Director of Engineering for Air Conditioning Systems, Brian Bogdan, said: 
​“With our new LATS CAD 2 software, we're poised to revolutionize the way VRF systems are laid out and designed. LG is a pivotal player in VRF innovation, and with this software, we're transforming the design process by dramatically reducing the time it takes to lay out a VRF system."
The new LG design software does some tasks automatically, such as measuring pipe lengths and working out refrigerants charges. These were manual tasks in the previous version which took time and were often boring to do.

LATS CAD 2 still includes the LATS Multi V products, with the addition of LG's multi and single splits units, which gives designers scope to design what they need for each building.

LG says the software is easy to use, but they have created a set of training videos which designers can view online here: . In addition, LG has a team of trained engineers ready to help architects and building designers learn how to use the software.

LATS CAD 2 is free of charge and, to access it, you should contact your local LG representative here:
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