Dean & Wood launches SCM Frigo CO2 condensing units


12 March 2018
​Wholesaler Dean & Wood has launched a new range of packaged CO2 condensing units.
Manufactured by SCM Frigo, the Cubo2 Smart inverter driven units are available in both medium and low temperature applications. They range from 0.6kW-8kW in medium temperature and 0.7kW-7kW in low temperature.
Dean & Wood Product Manager Hayley Billson said: “The phase down of F-Gas refrigerants has caused a lot of uncertainty in the industry and, since the launch of the Facing Change roadshows some six years ago, it has always been our intention to keep the industry aware of the changes ahead.
“We have constantly worked with our supply chain partners to bring market leading products to the fore and as part of this initiative we are delighted to be able to offer a new range of packaged condensing units for use with the long term refrigerant solution CO2.
“The phase down is driving our industry full circle back to the 1850s when natural gases were used as refrigerants. Dean & Wood is here to support customers with this new mindset change and has partnered with CO2 training specialist Cool Concerns to offer a CO2 Cubo2 Smart training package to all potential customers.’’
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