Daikin's self-cleaning solution for internal duct filters


09 June 2017
daikin duct filter self-cleaning HVAC air conditioning VRV split
Daikin UK has launched a new product to keep internal duct filters clean on its VRV and Split units.

The Auto-Cleaning Duct accessory also claims lower maintenance and running costs, a longer lifespan for systems and 20% energy saving.
‚ÄčDesigned for hotels, offices and residential applications, the accessory will prevent dust formation within indoor ducted units by keeping the filter consistently clean thanks to an automated filter cleaning system. 

Collecting debris in a dust box that can be simply emptied using a standard vacuum cleaner, the Auto-Cleaning Duct accessory promises easy maintenance access and minimal disruption on site.

Daikin UK's Martin Passingham said: “This is a cost-effective and energy efficient answer to ensure the units do not become clogged with dust and consequently reduce the system’s efficiency and lifespan.

“The kit also offers easy installation, while reducing maintenance needs and filter system cleaning time on site.
“Providing tangible end-user savings, a weekly auto-clean will also be less disruptive and mess-free compared with manual cleaning.”

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