Daikin upgrades water-cooled VRV series


24 January 2018
daikin vrv air conditioning
Daikin has released a major upgrade of its water cooled VRV series, the VRV IV W ‘+’series. 

The company says the redesigned unit delivers solutions that use lower refrigerant levels in line with EN378 regulations, combined with increased energy efficiency, while retaining Daikin’s market-leading features, such as being the most compact unit in the market, its geothermal operation, variable refrigerant temperature and the unit’s 2-stage heat recovery operation.
The ‘+’ series offers up to 14HP (40 kW cooling capacity) in single modules and up to 42HP (120 kW cooling capacity) in multi-combinations.

Daikin says it has has redesigned the range using materials and manufacturing processes that have pushed the COP of their VRV series to 6.50. Having a heat exchanger twice as big as the current model is one of the contributing factors to achieving this high efficiency.

In addition, the unit also ensures that the water loop runs to maximum efficiency, as the variable water flow controls the inverter-driven water pump. This improved level of energy efficiency enhances cost-savings in both heating and cooling, as well as further reducing the unit’s environmental impact.

​More information is available here.
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