Daikin to unveil Modular T AHUs


24 August 2022

Daikin has announced the launch of the new Modular T series, the latest addition to its air handling unit (AHU) portfolio.

The manufacturer says the fully optimised design of the compact Modular T, incorporating high-quality components and the latest technology, delivers a long working life and a high level of efficiency, ensuring exceptional indoor air quality.

Available from October, the Modular T AHU filters outside air to remove external pollutants prior to supply and simultaneously extracts inside air, decreasing the concentration of indoor pollutants to ensure a constant supply of healthy fresh air.

Available in five different sizes, with an air flow range from 200 m3/h up to more than 4000 m3/h, the Daikin Modular T is said to offer an exceptional solution for diverse applications including schools, offices, gyms, shops.

Key features

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  • Air purity is guaranteed, with three separate stages of filtration ensuring a safe and healthy environment. 
  • Plug and play connection, together with the DX coil enables combination with VRV or ERQ condensing units to provide a complete fresh air solution, unique to Daikin. 
  • An integral mixing damper helps optimise consumption to reduce running costs.

A minimal footprint is one of the defining characteristics of the new unit, with a maximum depth of 890 mm for the largest model and 550mm for the smallest. Larger models are supplied in sections for easy transportation and handling.

The Modular T is available in right and left configurations, and can be equipped with either of the following control platforms:

Smart Controls
Daikin F1/F2 & P1/P2 protocols provide direct connectivity to the Daikin communication platform.  

Pro Controls
Open control platform: The new Daikin Digital plug & play controls promise easy start-up and efficient unit operation.