Daikin Europe’s 4th Generation VRV Systems break new Ground


10 November 2015
VRV IV Montage Series - ACR Journal
​According to Mike Nankivell, marketing director of Space Air, the UK Daikin Distributor, heat pumps already play an important part in the heating and cooling of our commercial buildings and the latest VRV heat pump developments from Daikin Europe demonstrate their innovative approach to meeting virtually any requirement.
“The “flagship” of the new 4th Generation VRV RANGE is the heat pump heat recovery system launched earlier in the year. This new system makes huge advances in climate control efficiency. Not only is it up to 28% more efficient than the previous generation of VRV, it is even more flexible and can be installed faster than any other heat recovery system available.

Today, Daikin’s VRV IV heat recovery system is able to efficiently satisfy requirements for heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Daikin Europe calls it “The most Sustainable HVAC System in the World”.

The new generation Daikin VRV IV systems are now available in several variants – we have:
  • VRV IV Heat Recovery
  • VRV IV Heat Pump
  • VRVQ IV – replacement systems
  • VRV IV - W – Water cooled

A new mini VRV IV range including the S-series compact (super low profile) outdoor units

Finally – the new VRV IV i-series. The first VRV outdoor unit designed for indoor installation.

In the commercial sector, the pre-eminent heat pump is the air source air-to-air type, which can satisfy both the space heating and cooling requirements. However, sanitary hot water services have still, in the main, been provided by secondary systems such as point of use electric water heaters or central gas/oil fired boilers. This is now changing thanks to new developments in air source heat pump technology.

Focus on Efficiency

Daikin Europe’s three-pipe VRV heat recovery systems were already considered the most energy efficient on the market but VRV’s fourth generation features other new innovations outlined below, which “fine tune” the focus on efficiency with remarkable results:
  1. Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology - enables the refrigerant temperature to be adjusted to match heating or cooling demand and the outside temperature, reduced power consumption results in an improved operating efficiency of as much as 28%. Comfort is also enhanced because variable refrigerant technology enables cold draughts to be avoided.
  2. Continuous heating during defrost - The defrost cycle can result in reduced indoor temperatures at a time when this is undesirable. VRV IV’s continuous heating during defrost avoids this issue and maintains comfort levels when the defrost cycle is activated.
  3. The VRV configurator software - enables the system to be “set up” off site, saved to a USB and simply uploaded at the commissioning stage. This feature greatly simplifies both the installation and commissioning of Daikin VRV systems.

Mike Nankivell commented:
​“To effectively and efficiently manage the heating and cooling and hot water requirements of our commercial buildings it’s not so much a question of “why install heat pumps?” rather than “why consider any other technology?” No other systems offer anything like the combined energy efficiency, carbon emission reductions and cost effectiveness than heat pump technology.”
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