Daikin Applied expands R32 line-up


08 September 2021

Daikin Applied UK (DAPUK) has further extended its range of R32 products for the commercial air conditioning market with the addition of a new air-cooled small inverter chiller and heat pump series to its Bluevolution line-up.

The compact products offer cooling and heating capacities from 16kW to 100kW, giving additional options for smaller commercial projects. They are the latest innovations designed for use with the low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R32 from the manufacturer that introduced it to the UK market.

Daikin Applied says it has more R32 installations worldwide than any other manufacturer and its new R32 inverter scroll chiller and heat pump series are designed to operate at very high efficiencies in both cooling and heating modes. They incorporate the company’s own DC-inverter scroll compressors, optimised Cu-Al coils, and brazed heat exchangers. They also use a smaller refrigerant charge than equivalent R410A units to further minimize carbon footprint.

The cooling-only version provides chilled water from 25˚C down to -15˚C and ambient temperature operation from -20˚C up to 45˚C as standard. An optional high ambient temperature kit allows the units to operate in outside ambient temperatures above 45°C and up to 52°C.  The heat pump versions can cope with a very wide ambient temperature range of -20˚C to 35˚C, and can produce hot water up to 60°C. 

Their very quiet operation and use of a range of smart control options means these products are suitable for a wide range of applications. The chillers can communicate with any external BMS and the smart controls offer a ‘master and slave’ option as standard, which allows four units to be connected in sequence with one acting as the ‘master’. Set up is supported by a dedicated mobile configuration app designed to ease the commissioning process and allow the system to be easily connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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“Daikin was the first company in the world to introduce R32 into split air conditioners,” said DAPUK’s product development manager James Henley. “We have since gone on to add R32 enabled commercial air conditioners and heat pumps because we are determined to give the industry the best tools with which to lower its carbon footprint while still meeting growing global demand for high performing solutions.

“This new range of chillers and heat pumps is the latest step in our pioneering work in this area, which we think will have exciting long-term benefits for the industry as a whole and for its growing number of customers around the world.”

Daikin Applied