Panasonic looks smart for remote benefits


27 July 2021

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced a new energy management platform for corporate HVAC installations.

The Smart Multi-site Control Solution offers a dual approach: AC Smart Cloud is designed to be used by business owners and facilities or energy managers for remote control, reporting and scheduling, while the AC Service Cloud is aimed at HVAC professionals requiring remote access to a system for maintenance and monitoring purposes. 

AC Smart Cloud
Panasonic’s AC Smart Cloud is said to be the ideal solution for full remote control of business premises 24/7, managed from a tablet or computer with internet connection. By optimising the HVAC systems operation with remote monitoring, it is possible to extend the life of units thanks to status updates and preventive maintenance, ensuring a positive return on investment. Operational costs can be improved with the ‘e-cut function’ – five advanced pre-programmed settings which deliver advanced energy savings. Additionally, the AC Smart Cloud features energy consumption monitors which can help users reduce energy bills by tailoring heating and cooling needs accordingly.

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AC Service Cloud
The AC Service Cloud provides advanced remote service capabilities of multiple sites. For successful service and maintenance, response time can be critical. With the help of the AC Service Cloud, the entire service parameters of the HVAC systems are available, in real-time, showing any abnormalities, allowing issues to be identified and swiftly resolved, often before the fault even occurs. This smart approach can also reduce the number (and length) of site visits necessary by analysing the behaviour of the AC system remotely and allowing for the optimum allocation of resources. Site owners can quickly and easily grant remote access to authorised parties for maintenance with a click of a button. 

AC Smart Cloud is always required to use AC Service Cloud.