LG Launches New AC EZ Touch Controller


30 September 2016
The new LG AC EZ Touch Controller interface
LG has a new controller for its commercial air conditioning and heating products. 
​It is the new AC EZ Touch which provides 'Smart management' with a 5 inch colour LCD touch screen for small sites. The controller enables group and individual control. 
​Users can set weekly or yearly schedules. The AC EZ has a total or partial individual controller lock, and a power consumption monitor. You can set two set points, namely cooling and heating, on each outdoor unit with an ‘Auto Change Over’ setting – for heat recovery only.

Users can control each space either through an IP network, and they can access operational information to help with decision making.
Find out more about the LG AC EZ Touch controller online - http://partner.lge.com/uk- here or by emailing LG at [email protected].
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