Fujitsu controller 'better by design'


05 March 2024

Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK is introducing a new local controller for Airstage systems designed to blend seamlessly with any installation space.

A Good Design Award winner in 2022 and selected as a finalist in the 2023 IDEA awards, the UTY-RVRY model is mounted on a frosted panel and uses mirrors and glass to create a unique floating appearance which complements the interior design. Information is only visible during operation, with the controller appearing as a mirror at other times.

Coloured LED lighting indicates different modes of operation and the light can be switched off to eliminate glare at night, making it an ideal option for hotel rooms. The screen can also display branding or corporate logos when not in use; images are sent via Bluetooth and saved in the flash memory built into each controller.

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The controller is intuitive to use, with swipe motions rather than buttons. The screen is resistant to smears due to an anti-fingerprint coating and offers exceptional visibility from any angle.

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