Evotech adds AI to myBEMS platform


06 December 2023
Evotech Managing Director Mark O'Grady, left, Building Performance Director John Lumb, centre, and Operations Director Matt Carver launch myBEMS AI at CIBSE Build2Perform in London

Evotech has launched myBEMS AI, a range of machine learning solutions aimed at optimising building HVAC systems, reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions.

Based on its myBEMS platform, the HVAC and building services specialist has now introduced AI solutions to help commercial real estate owners, local government and education providers further reduce their energy consumption.

John Lumb, Building Performance Director at Evotech, said: "HVAC equipment typically accounts for around 40% of energy usage within buildings, so by optimising it we can significantly reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and improve the overall environmental impact of commercial buildings. 

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"With escalating energy prices and increasing pressure to achieve net-zero goals, myBEMS stands out as a practical solution. The system adapts to the ever-changing ventilation, heating, and cooling needs of a building, processing real-time data from IoT sensors to make automatic adjustments. Some early adopters have reported considerable monthly energy savings, demonstrating myBEMS's potential to play a crucial role in helping clients reach net-zero targets without disrupting their operations.”

For more information, visit www.evotech.co.uk/services/mybems