Daikin unveils Madoka controller


02 July 2018
daikin controller air conditioning
Daikin says its new Madoka controller allows users and installers to experience a new approach to air conditioning control and commissioning.

Features are accessed through three touch buttons and the compact 85mm x 85mm unit is available in white, silver and black.
Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), setup and programme adjustment can be carried out remotely via smartphone, using the Madoka Assistant app, designed to simplify advanced parameter setting and allow access to functions such as schedule setting, setpoint restriction and enabling of energy-saving functions.

For commercial office use, the Madoka Assistant can respond to changing conditions, for example new office layouts, by enabling fast and easy resetting of flaps. Standard integrated infrastructure cooling functions offer a cost-effective solution for server rooms, with inbuilt duty rotation and back-up operation.

In residential applications, the Madoka makes scheduling simple and enables homeowners to track their energy usage as well as activate extra energy saving functions.

Madoka is connectable to all new and existing Sky Air and VRV systems, with the potential for multiple unit control. 
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