Contactless ice dispensers from Hoshizaki


16 August 2017
hoshizaki ice maker dispenser hygiene contactless
The Hoshizaki DCM-120 ice dispenser
The recent revelations on contaminated ice by BBC Watchdog sparked a renewed focus on the importance of clean hands, sanitized tools and regular ice machine maintenance. 
Because Hoshizaki dispensers put the ice directly into a glass or container, there’s no human contact. The units also avoid the problem of airborne bacteria entering the interior of the ice makers as the ice moves directly to the storage hopper the instant it is made, so has no contact with light or air until it is dispensed.
Meanwhile, ambient air is prevented from entering the hopper by a close fitting lid and rubber diaphragm on the dispense mechanism. Finally, a useful portion control setting makes regulating the quantity of ice dispensed a simple process which effectively reduces both energy consumption and waste.
Hoshizaki has five ice dispensers ranging from a 13 kgs a day model through to a 230 kgs per day option. The newest additions to the range are the DCM-60 (60 kgs per day) and the DCM-120 (120 kgs per day). These dispense both cubelet ice and water in any configuration and feature a new lever design that avoids contact with the lip of the glass, minimising any risk of bacterial transfer.
The only day-to-day cleaning required for these machines is the sanitisation of the small dispensing area – an operation taking just seconds. All internal cleaning is carried out under a normal maintenance contract.
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