Condensate Pumps: Two New Products from Sauermann


18 March 2016
Sauermann Si20Sauermann Si20
The Sauermann range of condensate removal pumps welcomes two new products intended for wall mounted air conditioning units: the Omega Pack, (an under the unit pump) and the Si-20, (an inside the unit pump). 

The Omega Pack includes an Si-20 pump, a detection unit, all accessories required, and a shell in two parts. The soft design of this shell and its pure white colour make it the perfect fit for the most recent AC units. Reversible, the shell can be installed on either side under the unit, right or left.
The Sauermann piston technology inside the Si-20 is specifically constructed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems. This technology makes the Si-20 fully reliable in any kind of environment.

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Sauermann Omega Pack
Sauermann Omega Pack
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