Condair's new 10-point guide to dehumidifiers


08 November 2023

Humidity control specialist Condair is offering a free 10-point guide to specifying dehumidifiers.

The document covers the main issues surrounding planning and installing a commercial dehumidification system. It includes information on system design, product sizing, drying psychrometrics, energy saving and much more.

Dave Marshall-George, Sales Director at Condair, explains: “This guide has been produced by experts in the field with experience spanning thousands of drying projects. It gives unbiased advice on both desiccant and condensing dehumidifiers. Written in an easy-to-follow style, the 10-point format makes it a very accessible reference tool for any HVAC consultant, installer or facilities manager.

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“Planning a dehumidifier project can be a complex undertaking due to all the parameters than need to be considered. Dehumidifiers don’t just remove moisture from the air but also generate heat during the drying process. Managing an area’s humidity often involves consideration of its temperature control too, and this 10-point guide walks the reader through the psychrometrics of this, as well as strategies to deal with it.” 

Condair’s 10-point guide to specifying dehumidifiers is available free to download here.