Condair filter promises improved humidity control


15 January 2018
Condair is launching the RO-A reverse osmosis water filter, designed for use with humidification systems. The RO-A removes 95 per cent of dissolved solids from a humidifier’s supply water in order to reduce maintenance, improve energy consumption and benefit ongoing running costs.
When operating on regular mains water, a steam humidifier will frequently need to drain hot water and replace it with fresh, in order to dilute mineral levels in the boiling chamber. This process requires more energy to heat the incoming cold water. It also impacts humidity control, as when the boiling chamber’s temperature drops so does the steam output. By operating a steam humidifier on reverse osmosis (RO) water from a Condair RO-A, these drain cycles are reduced by up to 97 per cent. This in turn reduces energy and water consumption of the humidifier and enables a close humidity control of up to ±1 per cent RH.
‚ÄčWith the use of virtually mineral-free RO water, the lime scale build-up inside a steam humidifier’s boiling chamber is minimal, reducing humidifier servicing requirements. When used with evaporative humidifiers, this reduction in lime scale formation results in evaporative pads having a much longer lifetime. The required frequency of an evaporative humidifier’s water tank drain cycles is also reduced, saving water. Operating spray humidifiers on RO water prevents dust from precipitating into the atmosphere as the spray evaporates, improving the performance of the system.
Four models are available, with maximum outputs of 40, 100, 200 and 300 litres per hour. The 40 and 100 litres per hour models have an integrated water tank and a single RO membrane. The 200 and 300 litres per hour models have two or three RO membranes and an external water tank with up to 100 litre storage.
An independent wall-mounted touch screen controller provides an intuitive user interface with comprehensive reporting features. Alternatively the Condair RO-A can be controlled from any Condair humidifier that incorporates a Condair touch-screen control panel.
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