Secop launches new ULT medical compressors


19 October 2021

Secop has developed five new medical compressors for ultra-low temperature cooling systems.

The compressors — one for mobile use and four for stationary use, three of which can also be used in the biomedical range from -30°C to -60°C — are part of a product series specifically designed for medical applications, which will be expanded in the future.

Secop says the advantages for its ULT cooling compressors are that manufacturers of medical cooling solutions benefit from both the robust products and software tools as well as experts to assist them in product development and customisation. This makes for a smooth and efficient process in the validation and verification of the refrigeration unit, thus bringing it to market faster.

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Secop’s ULT stationary cooling compressors are applicable throughout the global voltage range. They are available for refrigerated containers with volumes from 20 to 200 and from 200 to 500 ;itres. The mobile cooling compressor, which can be used for 20-40-litre refrigerated containers, incorporates the company’s experience in battery and solar-powered active cooling systems. The option of battery or solar operation makes Secop’s mobile ULT solution suitable even for the distribution of vaccines and other biomaterials in remote regions with high outdoor temperatures and no power grid.

Jan Ehlers, Secop CEO, said: “Some of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical cooling solutions have been relying on our products for many years. Our experience in such medical applications has helped us to also develop the ULT cooling compressors. Energy-saving and product life-extending measures, as well as a preference for natural refrigerants, make our solutions particularly sustainable and attractive to both users and manufacturers.”

A new medical brochure has been launched, where the new dedicated compressors for the safe storage, transport and handling of highly sensitive substances including pharmaceuticals, cells, genes, blood and vaccines are being presented. It is available to download here.