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06 August 2019
leak detection infrared refrigerant gas
The D-TEK Select uses an infrared sensor
Scott Davies, UK Sales Director for JAVAC UK, explains why JAVAC is the one stop shop for HVAC leak detection equipment. 

​Leak detection is always a tricky job. Engineers never know what they are going to be faced with until they arrive at a job and the reality can massively vary. From public thoroughfares where access is limited, to tight spaces and dark ceiling voids which don’t lend themselves to easy leak detection, more often than not, time is of the essence and a reliable method of leak detection is essential.
lead detection refrigerant gas safety engineer
The Gas Mate features adjustable sensitivity
JAVAC understands the challenges faced by busy engineers and is proud to supply a complete solution for HVAC leak detection with a method for every application. 

For those who favour electronic leak detection, JAVAC offers an impressive range of electronic leak detection devices offering consistent and accurate responses. The Tek-Mate leak detector features soft touch switch-off, high/low sensitivity and an automatic contamination adjustment, perfect for detecting a large leak down to the smallest pinhole. The D-TEK Select is F-Gas compliant with ultra-high sensitivity to all standard refrigerant gases and uses an infrared sensor with a 1gm/yr detection rate which will not weaken over time. The Atex-approved Gas Mate is twice as sensitive as its nearest competitor with adjustable sensitivity to help pinpoint leaks fast, as well as auto-zeroing for ignoring background gas levels in a leak test area. Suitable for R32 and all standard refrigerants and hydrocarbons, this clever device also detects natural gas, propane, butane, cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol, isobutane and ammonia.

Offering 1-2 year guarantees, as well as JAVAC’s outstanding 5* service and support, these devices are a staple piece of kit. The range features F-Gas compliant devices as well as offering ultra-high sensitivity and simple LED displays. 

Awkward places
Alongside the traditional electronic leak detection systems, JAVAC also offers Spectroline - a wide range of products developed to pinpoint the exact source of every leak in any air conditioning or refrigeration system, particularly in hard to reach and awkward places. The range includes OEM-approved fluorescent dyes, sealants, high performance leak detection lamps and kits designed to meet the requirements of HVAC professionals. 

Founded in 1955, Spectroline is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials. With accreditations from industry leaders such as Daikin, Bitzer, Fujitsu, Carrier and even Copeland, Embraco & Tecumseh, HVAC engineers can be assured that Spectroline will cause no damage to HVAC systems. The dyes do not need to be flushed out, meaning they can safely remain inside systems to find future leaks, saving time on future jobs. 

The fluorescent dyes in the Spectroline range are proven to be the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to find hard to reach leaks in awkward places and confirm what repairs are needed. Once a leak is identified, installers can inject Cool Seal to seal the leak. Cool Seal works with all popular refrigerants and oils and is safe for system components and recovery equipment. The product can be easily injected into systems without the need to turn the system off and can add years to older, out-of-warranty AC&R systems that leak small amounts of refrigerant. 

JAVAC have leak detection covered as part of every preventative maintenance programme, with solutions for every job, to suit every engineer.
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