Clivet's new compact air-cooled liquid chiller


05 July 2023

Italian manufacturer Clivet has introduced SPINchiller4, its new compact air-cooled liquid chiller for outdoor installation, with multiscroll technology and R32 refrigerant.

SPINchiller4 (WSAT-YSC4) is available in two energy versions: Excellence (EXC) and Premium (PRM), with a capacity range from 720 to 939kW. It offers SEER values of up to 5.28 for the EXC version and up to 5.03 for the PRM version. 

Technology includes eight scroll compressors on two refrigeration circuits, EC fans with continuous speed regulation (EXC version) and full aluminium micro-channel coils.

The WSAT-YSC4 series offers three acoustic levels, without changing the unit dimensions:
•    Standard acoustic configuration (ST): basic version
•    Acoustic configuration with compressor soundproofing (SC): -3 dB (A) compared to ST
•    Super-silenced acoustic configuration (EN): -7 dB (A) compared to ST

Maximum adaptability

Up to eight regulation capacity steps and an  operating range from +50°C to -18°C of external air temperature are designed to satisfy the requirement of multiple operating conditions.

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Plate or shell and tube exchanger

The WSAT-YSC4 series offers the possibility to choose between plate heat exchanger (standard choice), or shell and tube. This new solution is recommended for all applications where the fluid has impurities.

Hydronic assemblies

Hydronic assemblies available in the WSAT-YSC4 series are:
•    2PM: Hydropack with 2 on/off pumps (parallel operation)
•    2PMV: Hydropack with 2 inverter pumps (parallel operation)
•    1P1SB: Hydropack with 1+1 on/off pump (1 pump in stand by)
•    1P1SBV: Hydropack with 1+1 inverter pump (1 pump in stand by)