City Touch from Camfil


25 October 2019
Air filter manufacturer Camfil says it has  launched the City Touch air purifier in response to growing concerns around the impact of pollution.

The City Touch is designed for all types of indoor environments including homes, hospitals, hotels, offices and schools, and is said to reduce the incidence of asthma and other allergies and neutralise odours by filtering out harmful particulates in the air. Air pollution is said to be the leading environmental cause of premature death, contributing to the equivalent of 5% of all fatalities worldwide.
Paul Gallagher of Camfil said: "If outdoor air is not effectively filtered and cleaned, then the indoor air can contain a large quantity of the harmful particulates that find their way into people's respiratory tracts and circulation systems. These particles and other substances can combine with those already present inside buildings and become more aggressive and harmful, making indoor air pollution many more times as hazardous as the outdoor variety. Using City Touch air purifiers will not only help you to maintain healthy indoor air quality, but it will also help you to save energy and money."
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