CIAT Vectios on R454B


06 December 2022

CIAT has launched a new range of Vectios rooftop air conditioning units operating on lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant R454B.

The manufacturer says a combination of lower GWP, improved seasonal efficiency and reduced refrigerant charge substantially reduces the carbon footprint of the new units, which are available in cooling capacities from 23 to 91kW and heating capacities from 22 to 90kW.

“The Vectios on R454B offers an optimum solution for rooftop applications,” said Natividad Molero, product manager, rooftops, CIAT. “As supermarkets and other end users seek to decarbonise and cut their energy costs, our extended range of R454B refrigerant options provide a ready-made solution to support them on their journey to net zero.” 

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Vectios on R454B is said to be as space-saving and quiet-running as the previous generation, while significantly reducing environmental impact and delivering higher efficiencies and lower operating costs for end users. Advanced indoor air quality options include high-efficiency filtration, fine airflow control and CO2 sensors. Equipment performance is certified under the Eurovent scheme.

For installers, Vectios units are designed to be easy to lift and position on site, and, once in place, simply require air ducts and electrical connection.