CIAT unveils Floway DX


05 December 2018
AHU direct expansion DX air conditioning air handling unit
CIAT says the Floway DX opens up new project opportunities for installers
CIAT UK has developed an integrated air handling unit (AHU) and direct expansion (DX) system to meet the needs of modern building services projects.

CIAT UK joined forces with Toshiba Carrier UK to develop the Floway DX, a fully integrated combined system that provides installers with a plug-and-play AHU linked to a high-performance, high-efficiency remote DX outdoor unit, providing end users with optimum levels of comfort, control and efficiency. 
Although demand for combined DX cooling and heating coils in AHUs has been increasing, bespoke systems with components from different manufacturers can be difficult to configure due to the varied control systems and interfaces used. To solve this problem, development engineers from CIAT worked together at a research and testing facility in Culoz, France, to develop the Floway DX. A key requirement was to ensure that the CIAT coils within the Floway DX were optimised for the most efficient output and control when connected to the DX outdoor units.

Paul Smith, CIAT UK's sales manager, said: “Until now, combining AHUs with DX systems has required installers to purchase separate equipment, often from different manufacturers, and go through the complex process of trying to make them work together effectively. This can be time-consuming and may result in inefficiencies in performance as well as adding risk to the project. The Floway DX solves this problem with a fully integrated airside and DX system in a proven combination that is supported by a single source supplier. This new solution opens up new opportunities for installers and eliminates the complications that arise from using different manufacturer’s technologies and control systems.”

The Floway DX incorporates a rotary heat wheel for excellent efficiency and adaptability to different environments, a brushless motor with a high-efficiency fan for 90% energy efficiency yield, and an optional web-based control.

Another development was to ensure that the coil capacity can be effectively managed to ensure optimum comfort within the building. Traditional approaches use control by air-on only, which does not provide building occupants with the level of comfort required in low ambient conditions. 

Floway DX can be used in a range of applications including offices, retail and residential buildings, where compliance with building regulations and precise control of the coil capacity are required.

For the installer, it is designed to be quick and easy to install and minimise cost. The DX outdoor unit simply requires a power supply, pipework and interconnecting cable. The benefits for the end user include excellent indoor air quality, energy efficient operation - reducing running costs, and a high level of control with a built-in, easy-to-use control unit or external controller with web connectivity as standard.

If required the system can be supplied fully integrated on a skid, with the condensing unit pre-wired and pre-piped to save installers further time on site.

CIAT says the Floway DX is compliant with EcoDesign requirements, exceeding current regulatory standards and anticipating future updates.
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