CIAT Introduces New Flagship Air Conditioning Control and Monitoring Platform


09 May 2016
Overview of CIAT M2M
​CIAT UK has introduced its new flagship air conditioning control and monitoring platform, M2M, which gives end users and engineers unprecedented remote access to equipment from any PC, tablet or smartphone.
The combined control and monitoring capabilities of M2M enable engineers to:
  • quickly adjust equipment operation to provide an optimum working environment for building occupants;
  • remotely diagnose problems, and assess the need for a site visit;
  • reduce equipment downtime and cut maintenance costs;
  • access detailed information in real-time on the use and performance of equipment;
  • reduce the carbon footprint of equipment over time, as part of an ongoing energy management program.

The M2M is available for the following CIAT chillers and heat pumps ranges: Aquaciat Power, Aquaciat Power HEE, Aquaciat free-cooling, Powerciat LX, Aquaciat 2, Aquaciat Grand Inverter and Aquaciat Caleo.
For more details, contact CIAT on 01372 220251 or email [email protected].
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