CIAT highlights Vectios efficiencies


Published: 18 March 2019

rooftop packaged unit ciat
CIAT says its new Vectios rooftop packaged units offer outstanding energy efficiency.

Designed to exceed the requirements for seasonal efficiency (SEER > 3.53 and SCOP >3.20), Vectios also achieves up to 37% energy savings, compared to Tier 1 energy efficiency requirements.
The 20 kW to 100 kW reversible heat pump operates within an outside air temperature range of -15 ºC to 48 ºC, and up to 52 ºC in the cooling-only version. 

The Vectios external circuit is equipped with electronic axial fans for high seasonal efficiency and a low noise level, tandem scroll-type hermetic compressors, electronic expansion valves as well as components optimised for R410A refrigerant. Multiple options for recovering energy from the extracted air are available, such as a new CIAT active recovery system and the new heat recovery wheels. To ensure improved indoor air quality, the Vectios units offer a range of filter options, fresh air management, and carbon dioxide sensors.