Bitzer CSH screw compressors adapt for heating application


22 February 2021

In a move to align itself with the global decarbonisation process, Bitzer has increased its CSH screw compressors' operational envelopes to meet the increasing demand for large scale heat pumps.


When operational with R134a, R513A and R1234yf, the CSH series can operate with an increased condensing temperature of 80oC, an increase of 10 oC from previous limits and a maximum evaporating temperature of 30 oC.

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With R1234zeE and the new addition R515B, maximum temperatures of 40 °C evaporation and 93 °C condensing are achievable.  In economiser operation and with the refrigerant R1234zeE, the largest approved CSH screw compressor supplies around 1,000 kW of heating capacity at 35 °C evaporation temperature and 80 °C condensing temperature.