Carrier introduces XCT7 VRF


22 February 2021

Carrier has released its latest generation of variable refrigerant flow air conditioning with the launch of XCT7.  The new system provides improved reliability, enhanced system performance, higher efficiencies and flexibility over previous generations.


Large capacity systems can be designed by modulating outdoor units. 104 horsepower system capacity is possible, allowing up to 64 indoor units to be connected.


The system includes a black coated heat exchanger that provides corrosion resistance, anti liquid shock protection for the compressor and improved refrigerant distribution with a centrifugal oil separator coupled with a 10-stage oil return technology.

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“VRF is widely accepted technology in Europe and one of the largest segments in the HVAC industry,” said Didier Genois, Vice President & General Manager, HVAC Europe, Carrier. “XCT7 is a major launch for our business in Europe. We are expanding our offering to match our customers’ expectations. We are launching it simultaneously in six countries and have made significant investments in related digital technology, training centres and a dedicated sales force to continuously better serve our customers.”

For more information, visit Carrier VRF