Carrier hails versatility of AiroVision AHUs


25 June 2018
Carrier says its new AiroVision 39CP air handling units can be configured for many applications and used as the heart of a building's ventilation system, due to plug-and-play functionality in a modular package.

Available in nine sizes with two casing designs, the Eurovent-certified units are suitable for standard fresh air-based ventilation as well as low temperature applications. The range is equipped with high performance, high efficiency components, including heat exchangers with up to 85% efficiency, high-efficiency direct drive fans and coils/filters with low pressure drop.
A range of options enables the units to be customised for use in many applications, including commercial offices, industrial installations, shopping centres, airports, leisure centres and universities. Carrier adds that t versatility of the range means it can be configured to suit the precise technical requirements of almost any application.

The 39CP-L version is designed for general and comfort applications, while the 39CP-H version has low thermal-bridging for use in low temperature applications. Airflow rates for both models span 1,000 m3/h (0.28 m3/s) to 18,000 m3/h (5.0 m3/s).
To minimise energy consumption and reduce running costs, several heat recovery options are available and can be selected to suit the needs of an application and the end user’s requirements. These include heat recovery wheels and plate heat exchangers for use in offices and other standard applications, and run-around coils for use in more sensitive projects requiring elimination of cross-contamination.

For use in hazardous areas in industry, there is an ATEX compliant version equipped with integrated anti-explosion features.
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