CAREL outlines future of adiabatic humidifcation


28 April 2022

CAREL will host a free webinar on May 4 to introduce its new humiFog Multizone Touch family of high-pressure adiabatic humidifiers, developed for both humidification in air handling units and for in-room applications.

The event will outline the features and functions of the high-pressure atomised water humidifiers, which claim flexibility and the ability to guarantee high efficiency with low energy costs.

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted how the impact of adequate relative humidity control is decisive for human health, however the recent increase in energy costs makes running older systems, which require high energy consumption to ensure optimal operation, much less cost effective. CAREL says choosing an adiabatic humidifier is one potential strategy for achieving the same efficiency at lower costs than when using an isothermal equivalent. 

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With over 20 years' excperience in adiabatic humidification, CAREL says humiFog Multizone Touch exploits this expertise to offer products that mark a turning point with respect to pre-pandemic technology. The main innovations start from the design of different pumping stations through to the distribution system, comprising racks for applications in air handling units or blowers for in-room applications.

Finally, to guarantee a complete solution that fully achieves the expected performance and makes system management simple, with controlled costs, numerous support and maintenance services are available for humiFog Multizone Touch, including DigitalHUM, the CAREL portal for the supervision and remote control of humidifiers.

Registration for the event is available here.