CAREL extends display range


05 November 2019
air conditioning refrigeration controls carel
CAREL has expanded its range of touch screen displays with the addition of the pGDx7’’, 10” and 15”.

Following on from the pGDx4.3’’, the new displays feature 24-bit colour depth and CAREL says they further simplify access to information through a smooth and responsive template.
WiFi connection is now available both on the pGDx4.3” and pGDx7”, enabling wireless communication with both the control networks and any external devices. The displays can also be used as a wireless access point or wireless client station.
Resistive touch technology
The pGDx4.3” and pGDX7” have a screen with resistive touch technology for situations where direct touch may not be possible, such as work gloves that are not compatible with capacitive touch screens. Insulation from external objects and substances is guaranteed by IP66 protection against dust and water.
LED bar notification 
A LED bar with different colour variations for notifications is another featureof the pGDx4.3” and pGDX7”. Users can check unit status at any time, without having to approach the display. 
Built-in probe and front USB 
CAREL says the pGDx4.3” and pGDX7’’ differ from other displays on the market due to the built-in temperature and humidity probe, while the inclusion of a concealed USB port on the front is is said to make access easier without requiring the use of special instruments.
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