Bosch launches residential air conditioning range


09 April 2018
bosch air conditioning residential
Bosch Commercial and Industrial has launched a range of residential air conditioning (RAC) solutions.

The Bosch Climate RAC units, suitable for new installations in domestic and small commercial properties, come paired with a comprehensive after-sales service. This comprises a five-year parts and labour warranty, a contact centre open 364 days a year, and Bosch-trained engineers providing national coverage and quick onsite response time.
The new range, which uses A410A refrigerant, can also be used in conjunction with larger commercial air conditioning systems, such as the Bosch Climate 5000 VRF, to support temperature-critical areas.

Shaun Mansbridge, Business Development Director at Bosch Commercial and Industrial, said: “We are really excited to launch a new range of Split air conditioning systems. Improving efficiency and reducing energy costs, while ensuring a comfortable environment for occupants, is a key challenge for any building and these new units offer an effortless solution. With the ability to supply both cool air and heat, the Bosch Climate RAC range is suitable for a whole host of applications. The innovative systems are also compact, quiet, and stylish, helping them to fit seamlessly into any building.”

Included in the series are the Bosch Climate 5000 RAC standard Split and the 8000 RAC premium Split  units, which are both available in outputs of 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.3kW and 7kW. The systems feature five operating modes, which can be adjusted to application and comfort requirements in order to offer greatly improved performance and efficiency.

Using 3D DC inverter technology, the units claim 40% lower energy usage compared to conventional systems. A compressor and fan speed electronic drive allow units to produce hot and cold air to meet the requirements of the property, while the brushless 3D DC inverter interior and exterior fan motors are both quieter and more energy efficient than traditional units.

Bosch says an in-built purifying filter also eliminates up to 95% of dust particles, smoke, and pollen, in order to provide cleaner air flow and maintain air quality.
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