Blast chiller's flexible first


20 May 2020
The Williams WTBC70 blast chiller The Williams WTBC70 blast chiller

Williams says its latest blast chiller is the first cabinet able to accept trolleys from different combi oven manufacturers and can chill up 70kg of food in a single batch.  

In operation, staff can wheel a laden trolley from the combi oven straight into the blast chiller.  The castors and bottom remain beneath the cabinet while the door design ensures a tight seal around the rest of the trolley. The WTBC70 then chills the piping hot food down to the designated holding temperature in 90 minutes or less, ensuring the food is safe and its quality is preserved.  

The cabinet is set up to accept either Rational or Lainox GN1/1 combi oven trolleys, as used in standard 20 grid models.  Roller tracks on the floor below the cabinet guide the trolley’s castors into the oven, ensuring a smooth entrance.  These tracks are different, depending on the trolley’s brand, however they can be changed if there’s ever a need to switch.   

The new blast chiller uses the Williams Easy Blast control panel, which makes programming and operating the unit as simple as 1-2-3.  Pushing 1 sets the soft or hard chill option (soft for delicate foods, hard for dense ones); 2 sets the timer and 3 starts the blast chill cycle.  Once the operation is complete, it switches to standard storage mode.  The blast chill cycle can also be controlled by a food probe.  

The WTBC70’s Airsmart air flow system chills from two different directions, using powerful, energy efficient fans, and the cabinet’s air pressure is carefully equalised.  This design helps guarantee food quality by chilling evenly and consistently.  

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Apart from the flexibility of accommodating two different combi oven brands, Williams highlights the hygiene benefit, compared to a roll-in model, of keeping the trolley’s wheels outside the cabinet during blast chilling. Maintenance is said to be made easier by the fact that all four panels around the refrigeration system on top of the cabinet are removable – so the engineer can get at the components from any angle.  

With high-grade stainless steel throughout, the WTBC70 measures 882mm wide, 950mm deep and 2245mm high. It has a list price of £15, 400.