Barkell extends Therm X range


08 December 2020

UK-based AHU specialist Barkell has extended its range of Therm X mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units with two large capacity models. 

The two new models complete the existing HR85 range, and bring the maximum air volume of the range to 2.33 m3.s-1 @ 200 Pa. The larger and more powerful HR85 900 and HR85 12k are delivered in sections to minimise any transportation and access issues and come with quick-fit mechanical and electrical connectors for ease of installation.

Barkell has also expanded the rotor options for the full HR85 range to include a high efficiency and a sorption rotor option. The high efficiency rotor is an improved version of the standard aluminium rotor and can achieve up to 85% heat recovery efficiency at typical operation conditions ,versus the 75% from the standard rotor. It is manufactured with a denser fin spacing, in order to increase the heat transfer area and achieve higher heat recovery efficiencies. 

The sorption rotor is coated with a zeolite molecular sieve designed for the combined transfer of heat and humidity. The hygroscopic layer transfers water steam molecules while preventing the transfer or odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Contrary to the silica gel coating used in most hygroscopic rotors, the synthetic zeolite sieve has a characteristic structure with constant size microchannels. These are designed to achieve the best adsorption of the water molecules while keeping other larger contaminants at bay. 

Sorption rotors are suited to both hot and colder climates. Whilst providing summer season cooling and dehumidification of the supply air in warmer climates, they can also reduce the need for humidification in colder months. The high humidity efficiency is constant throughout all climate conditions.

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Frost risk is also reduced due to the removal of moisture from the return airflow which reduces the exhaust air dewpoint. This, paired with the smart frost protection strategies provided by the Therm-X controls (preheating, heat recovery modulation), can ensure continuous frost free operation even in severe winter conditions.

Adam Childs of Barkell

Adam Childs, General Manager of Barkell, said: “Therm X is our standard range of heat recovery units and is incredibly popular as organisations strive to make their buildings more efficient. Many businesses are not only targeted on reducing running costs, but also reducing waste. With increasing commitment from many to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst still looking for improved indoor air quality, Therm X ticks a lot of boxes.

“We are delighted to have been able to increase and improve our range in line with what our customers are asking for. We know trends and requirements continue to change and our products evolve to meet those needs.”