Airfinity XL from Trane


19 December 2018
hvac packaged unit trane heating ventilation air conditioning
Trane has introduced Airfinity XL, a larger addition to its range of packaged HVAC rooftop units.

The Airfinity XL, which exceeds the 2018 minimum seasonal efficiency requirements set out by the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive, is said to be highly configurable and can be adapted to any application in medium to large buildings, with increased capacities from 120-220 kW and 42,000 cubic meters of nominal airflow. When bundled with the Trane Energy Recovery Module, capacities can go as high as 290kW.
Jose La Loggia, vice president and general manager of Trane in Europe, said: “We designed the new, larger Airfinity XL units to provide our customers with a high level of capacity and efficiency at lower costs, along with the quality and reliability they expect from Trane. We provide sustainable solutions for our customers, and are proud to comply with the 2021 Ecodesign regulations without sacrificing on quality or performance. Our continuous innovation with Airfinity over the past two years reflects our dedication to providing the latest and most efficient technology in the packaged rooftop range of HVAC solutions.”
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