Airedale to unveil next generation InRak at Data Centre World


02 March 2017
airedale cooling in-row date centre
British cooling systems manufacturer Airedale International will launch its new InRak (300mm) at Data Centre World in London later this month.

​The InRak is a high performance in-row cooling solution which claims industry-leading cooling efficiency for its capacity. With an EER of 73.6, the InRak provides up to 54% more energy efficient cooling for its capacity than its nearest competitor. 
Designed to sit between the server racks in a hot aisle containment configuration, it takes advantage of its position close to the server heat source and the higher return air temperatures that are associated with it, providing targeted IT cooling via the shortest, direct route.

The InRak allows for incremental increases in cooling requirements, with its compact, modular design. This allows multiple units of different size and capacity to be added as load increases or to eliminate hot spots.
It requires no floor or ceiling void and has a small footprint. 

Other date centre solutions from Airedale to be unveiled at Date Centre World are:

SmartCool i-drive unit (5-83kW)
An inverter compressor precision air conditioning unit designed for use in high density applications using elevated return air temperatures. The SmartCool™ i-drive delivers exact setpoint control for superior efficiency and performance. 

OnRak rear door heat exchanger (3-35kW)
The OnRak is a resilient rear door heat exchanger designed to manage high discharge temperatures directly from the server into the aisle space. It provides up to 35kW cooling with an EER of 114.5 (n); 183.0 (n+1).

ACIS Building Management System (BMS) 
ACIS™ provides a graphical BMS to manage and optimise cooling and other building services, from any manufacturer, in a single, integrated system across multiple sites and communication protocols.

Date Centre World is at ExCeL London, 15-16 March 2017. 
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