Aermec's 'next generation' FCU


29 June 2022

Aermec says the launch of its VEC-i fan coil unit (FCU) heralds the next generation of cassette systems.

The VEC-i features integrated diffusers delivering air straight into the room so that the jets of air adhere to the ceiling, creating a Coanda effect and a draught-free environment.

Luigi Rossettini, Aermec international sales director, said:  “Aermec is a dynamic innovator and this latest product reaffirms our long-standing environmental ethos: to continually design the best energy efficient products with minimal environmental impact that addresses the needs of all our stakeholders, architects, contractors, facilities managers as well as a building’s occupants. The VEC-i offers exceptional energy savings and addresses the need to reduce embodied carbon whilst providing end users with stylish units that provide total comfort.”

Operationally very quiet, the unit’s high efficiency even at low speed reduces power consumption by 55% compared to a standard fan coil unit. Aermec’s VEC-i offers total comfort for a variety of projects where a compact air conditioning solution is required. 

The unit offers features including a dual intake centrifugal fan that is particularly quiet and a brushless electric motor with 0-100% continuous speed variation which allows the unit to respond to the real demands of its internal environment without temperature fluctuations.

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Addressing the need to reduced embodied carbon emissions underpins the design of the VEC-i. Aermec’s strategy focused on product weight and ease of maintenance, resulting in a design which it says combines the smallest weight with low operational energy and ease of maintenance. 

The VEC-i fan coil unit weighs 32Kg and offers low embodied carbon benefits compared to standard fan coil units - 75% embodied carbon savings, and offering 85% more embodied carbon savings than chilled beams.

Aermec carried out extensive modelling. Based on a 15-year period of operation and using CIBSE’s TM65 methodology, it was calculated that the VEC-i represents only 18% of total embodied carbon (KgCO₂e), confirming that focusing on product weight is a key variable.