Aermec's next generation chilled beams


01 February 2023
Diagram showing the coanda effect of the EHT active chilled beam from Aermec

Aermec says its next generation chilled beams can provide a more flexible HVAC solution whilst reducing energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.

The EHT next generation hybrid induction terminal combines cooling, heating, fresh air, ventilation-only and air distribution in one compact device for rooms with a ceiling height of up to four metres.

The range can meet the needs of a diversity of buildings which can be varied in terms of size, construction, and usage. With a need to focus on moving towards the government’s net zero targets, the EHT offers a solution that delivers high performance but with limited energy consumption.

“We responded to the need for an HVAC system that combined good air quality and acoustic comfort with reductions in energy consumption with an unbeatable output that currently offers one of the highest induction ratios on the market,” says Michele Gioachin, export sales manager at Aermec and president of Aermec UK.

The manufacturer believes a fundamental feature of the EHT is its aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal solution for  interiors, including offices, hotel rooms, airports, railway stations, hospital environments and any large area in general.

The innovative design of the EHT’s nozzles sets it apart. Developed using CFD analysis, their moulded production quality that guarantees an induction ratio up to six, (independent testing was conducted by the University of Aachen). With no moving parts the EHT is said to offers unprecedented acoustic comfort.

Environmental consideration was a key part of the design process. Parallel heat exchangers maximise efficiencies and the unit fully exploits the Coanda effect. Consideration was given to the optimisation of the finned coils, obtaining the maximum heat exchange coefficient with reduced pressure drops on the air and water side, resulting in the highest levels of comfort whilst respecting the ecosystem.

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Clean air
Dehumidification is addressed by the air handling unit, resulting in no condensate inside the EHT beam, eliminating the risk of mould and bacteria and other organisms that may be harmful to health.

Air of the highest quality is injected into the space – the air handling unit filters, treats and dehumidifies fresh air before sending it into the EHT. The option to be able to select the right configuration of the nozzles, ensures that the right fresh air flow rate can be guaranteed for the required application.

Installation is said to be quick and simple and for ease of maintenance components are accessed from below, by opening the suction grille. Architectural integration ensures compatibility with 600x600mm false ceiling tiles and the head-to-head positioning of two adjacent units results in a seamless visual effect. The EHT is suitable for new and refurbished buildings.

Aermec says chilled beam technologies can reduce initial investment costs as well as operating costs compared to more conventional HVAC systems. In addition to their efficiency and always providing the right temperature, the units provide a discreet aesthetic HVAC solution. By taking advantage of the many options available, systems can meet a wide range of HVAC requirements.