Aermec adds NRV range


01 October 2018
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Aermec NRV chiller modules
Aermec has increased its chiller offer with the launch of the NRV range of modular air/water chillers that claim the benefits of a single large chiller with the advantages of multiple small chillers.

Comprised of independent 108kW modules, the NRV enables up to nine modules to be connected to each other, producing a total of 970kW. Aeermec says this has the advantage of delivering more capacity but keeps the overall dimensions and footprint to a minimum.
Two models are available in the NRV range, offering either a Standard High Efficiency or a Silenced High Efficiency, with both providing up to 46⁰C of outdoor air temperature at full load. A free cooling version is also available and ideally suited for those applications where the requirement for chilled water is significant even during the winter months. The greater the difference between the outside air and the requested water temperature, the greater the economical benefits of using free cooling.

The NRV features high efficiency scroll compressors, axial fans, aluminium micro-channel coils which ensure high levels of efficiency, uses less refrigerant compared to traditional copper/aluminium coils and has a plate exchanger on the system side. Units specified with a Desuperheater offer the possibility of providing hot water for free, depending on the application.

The option of connecting additional modules and managing them as if they are a single unit allows for maximum return at full load, as well as high efficiency performances at partial load, thanks to the partialisation steps and smart logic that increase when additional modules are connected. This ensures continuous adaptation to the actual system requirements. Performance levels are Eurovent certified.

With electrical panels in every module, the management logic enables each unit to be operated in synergy with the others even if one or more module fails, offering component redundancy and increased reliability as a module can be used for critical spares.

Customers can adapt their cooling requirements by adding extra modules. Aermec says the NRV is quick and easy to install, with access for servicing from the ends of each unit which allows in-row servicing of modules without interrupting adjacent modules.

A full range of accessories are available and, through appropriate selection, every NRV model can be configured to provide a bespoke solution.
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