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About Refrigeration today
“Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life. More than 15 million people are employed worldwide in the refrigeration sector. The total number of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump systems in operation worldwide is around 5 billion. Those systems provide the conditions we require for health, comfort, worker productivity, manufacturing, and essential environments for food, pharmaceuticals, and digital data.”
Source; Worldrefrigerationday.org
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Institute Of Refrigeration
Education and Career initiatives
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Women in RACHP
Promoting engineering as a career choice
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Diversity & Inclusion Statement
A diverse and inclusive workforce is vital and we aim to support varied approaches and viewpoints to help drive innovation and a representative workforce.

Sustainability Statement
Our pathway to a more green and sustain way of working; means we are transforming the way we deliver our campaigns:
*Ensuring we use greener products * Recycle where ever possible *Reduce our carbon footprint
Yet still achieving successful outcomes in all sectors