WRD announce 'Cooling Matters' as 2022 theme


16 February 2022

World Refrigeration Day chose the 2022 AHR Expo in Las Vegas to announce 'Cooling Matters' as the 2022 WRD theme, with founder Steve Gill highlighting that cooling is at the very heart of modern life.


 "Our objective is to make the public aware of cooling's essential benefits, how cooling impacts daily life, and how technology choices foster environmental wellbeing of future generations", said Gill.


"Cooling is at the very heart of modern life. It enables people to live and work comfortably, and it saves lives. It enables people to achieve. The need for cooling is everywhere. It touches lives in fantastic, though often unnoticed ways. However, we look at it, cooling matters to us."


According to the secretariat, despite policies, standards and codes related to the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, there is still a significant lack of public understanding of cooling's importance even though issues like refrigerant transition, emissions reduction, and maximising energy efficiency have been addressed for decades by governments due to global policies and binding international frameworks.


Previous partners, which represent half a million engineers, over one thousand suppliers, and approximately 200 governmental bodies or representatives have described how the day serves to educate the public about cooling benefits.

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"Cooling Matters will tell the story of how our wellbeing depends upon cooling and how cooling technology choices can safeguard the wellbeing of future generations. We encourage the whole of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry to join us in celebrating World Refrigeration Day 2022. Join the global community conversation using the hashtags #coolingmatters and WREFD22."


 World Refrigeration Day is celebrated on and around June 26. Previous campaigns have targeted refrigerant choices that protect the ozone layer, using the cold chain to distribute food, medicines and vaccines, and promoting "cool" careers. 


To learn more about World Refrigeration Day "Cooling Matters," visit www.worldrefrigerationday.org or contact [email protected]