Wozair completes NSV & AC acquisition


06 December 2022

HVAC equipment manufacturer Wozair Energy Holdings Limited has completed its acquisition of North Sea Ventilation and Air Conditioning Limited (NSV & AC).

The purchase follows the majority acquisition of Thermoplant Offshore Services Limited (TOSL) in 2019, and Wozair says it means that the company and its partners can together provide an unrivalled service of specialist ventilation equipment to the energy and marine industries.  

Two of the directors of TOSL, Tony Williams and Kevin Atkinson, assisted in the restructure and continue to work in the day-to-day running of the business, as well as organising staff, services and procurement activities after the acquisition.
The actual asset purchase was completed with the help of the two main shareholders of Wozair, Simon Collins and Paul Azzopardi.

NSV & AC has re-employed around 20 staff and successfully turned £1.5 million of work-in-progress into complete projects for customers. Wozair is in the process of securing new and improved premises for the relocation of the NSV & AC business by the end of December 2022. 

Originally founded in 1986 as Waterloo Air Technology, Wozair Energy Holdings has expanded from the UK to have offices and factories across the globe, including Singapore, Houston and Dubai. It has an extensive product catalogue, ranging from blast dampers to refrigeration units, as well as providing engineering and site service solutions. 

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North Sea Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a specialist supplier of HVAC and refrigeration equipment and systems. Originally formed to serve North Sea oil and gas industries, today the company has a global reputation for cost efficiency, quality, reliability and customer service in all industries.

Thermoplant Offshore Services has generations of expertise in providing high quality, top performance and value for money HVAC equipment. In 2019, TOSL was majority acquired by Wozair but continues to operate from its original premises in Hull.