World Cup fanfare for Nuaire


28 March 2019
ventilation world cup qatar axial fans stadium
The Al Wakrah Stadium in Qatar features 213 Nuaire fans
ventilation world cup qatar axial fans stadium
The Qatar Foundation Stadium
Ventilation specialist Nuaire has supplied almost 400 fans for two of the stadiums being built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

In line with all the proposed venues, the Qatar Foundation Stadium and Al Wakrah Stadium will feature advanced cooling technology to ensure comfortable playing and viewing conditions for players and fans.
Centrifugal impulse fans are being used for the car park extract systems at the Qatar Foundation Stadium to control and remove pollutants and also under emergency conditions in the event of a fire as all units are dual rated for 300°C for two hours. They have been designed by Nuaire to be  cost-effective, requiring less ducting than comparable fans and with running costs reduced by up to 40% through monitoring the air quality and operating the system at its optimum level. With a larger air distribution coverage area, fewer fans are required to achieve the same result.
The  installation is supported by Nuaire AXUS axial single stage, run & standby and high temperature emergency extract fans up to 1250mm diameter. These have a duty range of up to 42, 45 and 64m3/s respectively. AXUS fans provide guaranteed ventilation for high temperature applications.

The use of these fans is in keeping with the target of achieving a Gold Sustainability Building Certification in the US Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings system. The stadium will also incorporate sustainably-sourced building materials that minimise embedded carbon and adhere to energy usage best practices.
Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Al Wakrah Stadium benefits from a total of 213 Nuaire fans of various types and sizes, including many axial fans, for different applications. The project was split into numerous sections, covering mainly extract systems for large axials, but also incorporating the stadium’s general ventilation systems.
Nuaire’s delivery of numerous projects over several decades in Qatar, supported by the company’s extensive EN certified ranges which all carry local Qatar Civil defence certification, gave confidence in the product and the Nuaire team to meet the specification and delivery on time and within budget. 
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