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05 October 2018
kooltech glasgow refrigeration air conditioning
Julie Murray of Kooltech
Julie Murray is area product manager at Kooltech and chairperson of the Institute of Refrigeration Scotland.
What was your first job?
I started work in the industry in 1991 as an administrator for BAC Air Conditioning. After several years of being internal sales I was promoted to area sales manager. I loved going out to meet customers face to face. I was responsible for developing the Scottish branch and instrumental in developing profitable and sustainable sales. My efforts where recognised when I was awarded Employee of the Year in 1997 for Outstanding Achievement for the UK.

What does your current role involve?
As an area product manager, it is my responsibility to develop Kooltech’s business within the Central Belt of Scotland by promoting a wide range of quality air conditioning and refrigeration products, including Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning and the K-con bespoke air conditioning solutions. To succeed, I personally need to be well organised and work closely with the Kooltech Glasgow branch as a unit to ensure we support our customers, fulfil our promises and form lasting relationships.

What attracted you to the industry?
Well, I kind of fell into the industry, as I was selling houses before this. The role was very similar, still in sales and meeting and dealing with people which I enjoy immensely.

What excites/interests you about the industry?
When I joined back in 1991 there were not many female sales managers in similar roles to mine. Thankfully this has now changed. Every day brings different challenges which I thrive on; finding solutions, the “buzz” of a sale, meeting tight deadlines, interacting with people from installation engineers to company directors. My customers are my No.1 focus and this is what drives me to continue achieving. The industry is also very dynamic with frequent changes  It is definitely not boring. 

How do you see your career developing?
By continuing to be part of Kooltech as they grow and to have the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership capabilities and, when the time is right, by managing my own product team and expanding the overall business, which I love being part of.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?
  • Never to have any regrets, because what you did was what you wanted to do at that time and has led you to where you are today. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions… even though the answer might not be the one you were hoping for.
  • Believe in yourself, you can do anything you want! And that’s exactly what I have done...

What are the challenges of the industry?
Tackling the challenges surrounding the on-going F-Gas legislation, its quotas and managing customer expectations. The competitive nature of the industry can be very demanding but with Kooltech’s expertise and reputation I know that I can meet these challenges head on with our customers.

What are the benefits of being in your role?
I love my job, a role which is so rewarding and satisfying that it’s a pleasure to go to work every day. I believe in this business you always win when you listen and understand your customers’ needs which leads to better relationships and trust...every day is a school day!

I feel proud and well equipped to work for a company that can offer a full 360 solution, that take projects from concept stage, selecting the market-leading Mitsubishi Electric equipment and addressing specific requirements with the K-con range of bespoke solutions for air conditioning and commissioning services. We deliver the equipment to our customers along with the complete range of install materials.
What industry associations are you involved in and what are the benefits?
I have just recently taken on the mantle as chairperson for the Institute of Refrigeration Scotland, which allows me to be part of a great and growing organisation. We have a strong team of enthusiastic people working together to enable us to promote IOR Scotland, with our aim being to grow our member numbers… so watch this space!
A benefit of this would be seeing IOR Scotland’s growth and knowing that I’ve been part of this.

What would you say to other women who are considering coming into the ACR industry?
Go for it girl! There is a vast wealth of experience out there and use it to your advantage, learn from those around you who have been there, seen it and done it... they can be great mentors. 
I am where I am today because of my mentors…(you know who you are)  

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kooltech glasgow refrigeration air conditioning
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