Wholesalers launch CO2 initiative


25 April 2018
Dean & Wood and HRP have recently launched a CO2 initiative entitled Control Our 2morrow. 
The aim is to educate customers on how refrigerant legislation has changed, what this means in terms of environmental impact and the role of alternative refrigerants today.
SCM Frigo packaged COI2 condensing unit refrigerant
The SCM Frigo packaged CO2 condensing units
Dean & Wood and HRP recently introduced a new range of packaged C02 condensing units from SCM Frigo. The Cubo2 Smart inverter driven units range from 0.6-8kW in medium temperature and 0.7-7kW in low temperature.
As part of the Control Our 2morrow initiative, the wholesalers have teamed up with training company Cool Concerns to provide a bespoke C02 training course. Beijer Ref UK & Ireland Product Manager Hayley Billson said: “We recognise that the change in refrigerants and technology can be a daunting thought for our customers. Those who commit to purchase a Cubo2 Smart unit form us will receive one free training place at Cool Concerns.’’
Customers will also be provided with a bespoke presentation, which they can then in turn use to help end users make an informed choice about which refrigerant best meets their needs.
Hayley added: “We are always trying to keep the industry aware of changes. The presentation also looks at the wider global warming issue and some of the science involved.
“Further information is available from your local Dean & Wood or HRP team.’’
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